Judging Cameras

Some photographs were published on the internet this week claiming to be the output of the new Leica M.  Whether they are real or not, there was a great deal of discussion over the image quality.

It never ceases to amaze me how people feel they can judge the image quality of a camera from low quality jpegs published on a web page.  It is just not possible.

Wait till the camera is released, read reviews from people you trust but most of all, do what I do, visit my local friendly camera store with a spare memory card and do some test shooting yourself.  If you cannot get hold of the camera to test yourself, then see if you can locate some sample RAW files, process them yourself and judge with your own eyes.

Also remember; the way a camera handles is just as important as image quality.  A camera should feel good in the hand, a camera you enjoy and want to shoot with will do wonders for your photography.

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