Landscape Projects 2012 – a Twelve Month Project

I have a number of Photography Projects planned this year, and what many people may find surprising is that some will involve film.

Digital is extremely useful and convenient, and offers many advantages over film, but if your shooting Medium or Large format then the cost of shooting digital is prohibitive for most of us.

A second hand 16MP back for Medium format will set you back at least £2000.  While prices are falling, for now I have to shoot film for Medium and Large format.  Film also has a look that for many is preferable to digital, and I do enjoy the challenge of film.

My long term Landscape Project is not a new idea, and many people have done it before, but I am going to document a particular scene over the next twelfth months to record how it changes as the seasons change.  This last weekend was my first chance to start work on it but unfortunately the weather was too poor.  Hopefully I will get out next weekend to this location and try again.

Processed in Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

One thing Landscape Photographers have plenty of, is patience.

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