Large Format 4 x 5 Ebony 45S

In my continued search for the ultimate in image quality, I have finally managed to get hold of my own 4 inches by 5 inches Large Format Camera.

I have shot large format before and regularly shoot medium format, but until now all my large format shooting has been with hired large format cameras or on Large Format courses.

While to many the Ebony 45S looks like a hundred year old camera, it is a current state of the art Large Format Camera, capable of shooting Large Format Film, a Digital Scanning Back, a Medium Format Film or Digital Back or one can even mount a Nikon D800E to the back (something I hope to test later in the year).

This camera with its advanced movements, tilt, shift, swing, etc gives nothing away to image quality. The downside is speed of use and the size and weight.

I see my Nikon V1 being the perfect compliment when carrying this ultimate in image acquisition.

In keeping with my Nikon habit I have also got a Large Format Nikkor 150mm f/5.6 standard lens.

Its going to be a tough learning curve but one I am really looking forward to.

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