Film Friday – Large Format Testing – Lincoln Cathedral

Post dated post – 21st July 2012

Last July I spent some time at Lincoln Cathedral, doing some large format testing.  I still have some difficulty visualising the field of view from my 5 x 4 camera.  Practice is what I need so I went out to capture a few shots.

Ebony 45s, Fuji Provia 100, 150mm Nikkor f/5.6, ex f/25 1/4 second

My first shot was of a door, I have a long term project shooting doors and windows, and this will join this.  The high-lights were metered at EVA 12.4, the darkest shadows at 10.5, this gave me an average of 11.6EV.  So I set the lens to f/22 with a shutter speed of 1/4 second.

Inspecting the film with a lupe, the level of detail is simply amazing, yes medium format digital or a 35mm digital stitch on say a Nikon D800 could also produce this level for detail, but there is a simple joy in using the Large Format Ebony that makes the whole shoot an event to enjoy.

There are some wonderful features and details to Lincoln Cathedral and i’ll certainly be going back again to shoot large format again there.

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