Leica M-P 240 Announcement

Leica M-P 240

As has become the norm now for Photokina, the camera companies are starting to make their announcements.  Today Leica announced the Leica M-P 240.  I was not expecting this but they did the same with the M9 so I suppose its not surprising.

Its not clear yet if the sensor is new but the doubled buffer size now 2 GB, the sapphire glass protecting the lcd at the back and I was very pleased to see the frame line selector lever brought back.  The Leica dot at the front has gone, and in pure black its a stunning looking camera.

The price is higher then the old M but they also announced a price increase from the 1st September so it might not look more expensive for long.

This is a nice update and for those few news photographers that still user Leica M’s a must upgrade I would think, for the rest of us maybe not.

Leica M-P

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