Leica SL v3.0 Firmware


Leica have released v3.0 firmware for the Leica SL.  There are quite a list of improvements, and I have listed the key ones below, but one of the more interesting ones I have not listed is that the electronic shutter is now available at all of the main shutter speeds.


  • An option for saving DNG and JPEG files separately on different memory cards (e.g. DNG to SD1 and JPEG to SD2).
  • A new video mode: Ultra HD at a frame rate of 24 frames per second (3840×2160 @ 24 fps).
  • Optimized “Flash” white balance pre-set, for use with studio flash systems.
  • Continuous exposure preview in LiveView when using manual exposure mode.
  • The last magnification location of the playback zoom function is now saved to enable easier and faster checking of critical focus.
  • Aperture and shutter speed settings can now be assigned to either the front or the rear dials.
  • In AF Tracking mode, the AF point can now be assigned either to a fixed starting position or will vary depending on the last used AF point location.
  • Option for 6x magnification with one press of the AE/AF button while in Manual Focus mode.
  • Direct on-the-fly control of audio recording levels is now possible by toggling the joystick left or right on the live histogram screen.



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