Leica T 701 – Part 1 – iOS intergration

Leica Press Conference Times

  • 3 pm Berlin time
  • 2 pm London time
  • 9 am New York time
  • 6 am Los Angeles time (sorry for that)

This afternoon for us in the UK Leica make their press announcement and its now about definite that the announcement is going to be the new Leica T 701.

It is looking like a standard mirror less, none viewfinder compact system camera with a fancy touch screen, and with the ability to take Leica M glass as well as a new range of autofocus Leica T glass.

For most its likely to be too expensive and not offering anything that a Sony NEX or Fuji X camera cannot do better, but for those of us with Leica M glass its worth a serious consider as it will support coding on modern M glass and correct vignette and colour drift.

As I am publishing this before the announcement the above is conjecture but I believe will be accurate from the rumours so far leaked.

Its also going to integrate with the iPhone and iPad like many other recent mirror less releases and the iOS app has already been released.

Leica-T-701-camera-iOS-appAccording to Leica it will:

Camera live view Control capture settings Triggering the camera Start / Stop video recording View, download and share images from the camera Delete images.


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