Lightroom 4 Beta and Black & White

If you love Black and White then Nik software’s Silver FXPro is the go to program.  A lot of my favourite images have been edited in this software.  Its a relatively easy way to produce great Black and Whites.

The Black and White snow scene I posted yesterday was just a straight Adobe Lightroom V3 conversion to Black & White from a Nikon V1 RAW file.  The original intention was to get a sunset shot and have the windows of the buildings on the hill reflecting the brilliance of the sunset.

Unfortunately it just did not work, so I tried a quick Black & White, and this I feels works much better.  Generally I try to decide if a shot is going to be colour or monochrome, before I shoot, but sometimes you don’t know what is going to work until you get back to the office and start processing your images.

The shot above is another image from the same day, again meant as a colour shot, and as a colour shot it works very well, but I wanted to do some testing of the Black & White conversion within Adobe Lightroom V4 Beta to see how it stacks up.

I am quite impressed and feel its done a great job.  I’ll try a few more images and see how they work out, but if your into Black & White, Lightroom V4 maybe all you need.

As you can see above LR3 does not do a bad job either.

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