Lightroom Key wording Part2

So you want to start key wording but the thought of sitting down and creating your own list fills you with dread, what can you do.

Well there are projects on the internet where people are building very extensive keyword lists.  The site is a good place to start.

If your into bird photography they check out the bird list.

This is just a very small sample:

[Kites- Hawks and Eagles]
African Cuckoo-Hawk
{Aviceda cuculoides}
African Fish Eagle
{Haliaeetus vocifer}
African Goshawk
{Accipiter tachiro}
African Harrier-Hawk
{Polyboroides typus}

As you can see very extensive.

Lightroom Keyword Bird List

So here is a collection of Coot photographs.  I have imported the Birds list then picked it up and dropped it under the Animals keyword folder.  As you can see the original birds keyword folder is still there and these pictures of Coots are still referencing the old keywords and note the new so unfortunately you will need to go through and re-keyword but there are ways to speed things up.

Bird Keywords

In this example we are changing my Coot keyword to the new keyword Eurasian Coot in the new bird keyword list I have downloaded and imported.

So first in the keyword list find your old keyword and click on the arrow that appears on the far right of the keyword, this will filter your photographs by that keyword, you can then select all your coot photographs with a simple Command-A (Ctrl-A in Windows), then find the new keyword, click on the far right of it so the tick appears like in the above screen print.  All your filtered keywords now have the old and the new keyword.  You can then safely delete the old keyword.

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