Lightroom Mobile compared to the Desktop – Quick Edit

New and Old-2 New and OldThis week I made myself have a lunch time walk around Lincoln.  Each time I shot seventeen images (yes exactly seventeen on each walk).

Once back in my office I imported them into the iPad 9.7 Pro and did a quick select and edit of the ones I liked.

Usually for me I make my street photographs taken with the Leica into Black & White images but this time I kept most of them in colour.  Most likely the wonderful weather putting me in a technicolour mood.

I did a quick a edit of the top shot on the iPad, boosting contrast, saturation, vibrance and clarity.  I liked it even though its got a bit more colour impact then my usual shots.

Then as an experiment once home, I fired up the desktop computer and cloned the image processed on the iPad and then applied my usual Leica M8 People Preset.  Then I returned the contrast, saturation, vibrance and clarity back to the iPad settings.  A quick tweak of the back point and you have the second image.

Now I prefer the second image and it also shows that my custom Leica Preset I have created the the M8 certainly does a good job, but what I found interesting is that not having the presets available on the iPad and just developing the image by ‘touch’ has led me to a final image that is very different to the usual way I work and taken the image in a different direction.

New and Old B&W

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