Lightroom Smart Collections

Collections in Lightroom are very useful ways of collating photographs together, I have various studio shoots, Black & White collections and family holidays all as various collections.

One of the very useful options is Smart Collections.  You can define a rule, e.g. a studio shoot on a set date and have all flagged photographs automatically appear in a Smart Collection.

I was using this the other day to help me sort a studio shoot and wanted to potentially fine tune the sorting the following day if I had a few spare moments.  I knew I would not have my laptop with me but I would have my iPad, so I looked for the sync option.  Imagine my surprise when it was not there.

It turns out you cannot sync smart collections only standard collections, so I had to create another collection and copy the contents of my smart collection over to the standard collection to get them to sync across to the iPad using Lightroom Mobile.

The problem now is that tomorrow night when I flag up some more photographs to make final selections from, while they will automatically appear in my Smart Collection they will not appear in the sync’ed collection.

Come on Adobe, you have added some great new features in Lightroom CC, please add the ability to sync Smart Collections.

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