Lincolnshire Show 2012

This week has been the annual Lincolnshire Show.

The county show lasts two days.  Yesterday we had fantastic weather and the show events in the main and secondary arenas could be enjoyed to the full.

We had show jumping, heavy horses, Knights in Armour, jousting; as well as many other things to see.

Today the weather was not so good.  In fact we had heavy rain showers through the day, but it was still very enjoyable.  We’re British!  Stout boots, heavy rain jackets, and a good hat was the order of the day.

It did mean I did not manage a lot of photography, but we did have fun going round many of the indoor stands.  Many things to see as well as the usual farm animals, we visited the local Bee Association tent, and met many familiar faces.  The honey and lemonade was quite a food highlight.

As well as Bees we are also interested in keeping Chickens, so a visit to the Chicken tent was a must.  A spectacular mix of breeds, who knew you could get so many different breeds of chickens!

Of course with it being the County Show we also visited the tent of the WI (Women’s Institute), I am not sure I got all the competitions but the floral displays were very impressive.

We finished the day on a high, with the falconry display, the highlight being the Peregrine Falcon.

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