Location Scouting

Today we have been out on location scouting for possible landscapes locations.

I took I few snapshots for reference but nothing serious. I did find a couple of areas that fit in with some long term projects, but that’s for the future.

Weather permitting I have a three pictures in mind to shoot tomorrow, two may not be possible. I don’t feel the sun will be in quite the position I need when the tide is right (always an issue when shooting at the coast).

For the third shot I have a good feeling that it will work.

Hopefully I’ll have all three shots either done or ruled out by about an hour after dawn, then it’s more location scouting, to prepare for the next day.

I love being out on location, it can be stressful when it’s a paid shoot and you have to come back with the goods but when your just shooting for personal projects it’s a real joy.

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