Looking again at the perfect Compact – OM-D E-M10

OM-D E-M10First let me state that I am not saying that the OM-D is the best compact alternative, but if you do not want a shirt pocket sized compact then a small Compact System Camera is possibly a better bet.

For a while the Panasonic GX-7 was at the top of that list, but now we have a range of CSC’s which have reasonable built in viewfinders and are jacket pocketable.

For those of us wanting something really small, a true shirt pocket camera then at the moment the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III is at the top of the tree.

If size is less then an issue an you want a top real compact then I feel its between the Ricoh GR, the new Panasonic LX-100 and the Fuji

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