Looking out for other road users

In days gone by, a wave, a nod of the head etc was exchanged between motorists when they met.  Of course in those days there were few motor vehicles on the road but even today motorcyclists often nod their heads or give a quick wave to each other.

It seems now its a very selfish environment on the road, which everyone only caring about themselves.

Today on the commute into Lincoln, the traffic was stationary as we approached the centre of the city.  I switched to the middle of the road and carefully filtered on through at a steady fast walking pace (I never filter above 20 mph no matter how safe things look).  Looking out for lane switchers, U turning traffic and especially being careful at junctions I eventually made my way through.

I soon came to the cause of the traffic jam.  An ambulance was parked across the road blocking the traffic.  On the ground was a scooter and beside it a young woman being treated by the paramedics.

While we all have to dress appropriately on bikes and scooters and take extreme care when filtering and when near junctions or passing cars, its up to all road users to look after ourselves and to look out for others to stop things like this happening.  Who was to blame, I don’t no and I don’t care.  The poor scooter rider should have been better dressed with protective clothing, possibly filtering with more care.  The car driver should have been taking more notice of what was going around.  When things like this happen its all our faults and its the responsibility of all road users to lookout for each other.

Take care out there and keep it sticky side down.

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