Lunchtime Walk, looking up and around

The last few trips into Lincoln I have taken my Leica M4 loaded up with Kodak Tri-X.  This last time I took my Leica M8, so I have a few shots I can put on the blog.

It was a sunny if cold day and there was a distinct lack of people around to photograph so I ended up looking for details and looking up and down.

The late winter sun sent the old red brickwork a rich red so I thought it was worth a few shots.

With the recent sun we have also had a few snowdrops and crocuses start to emerge.  With the wind from storm Doris (who thinks of these names), I attempted to grab a quick shot of the snowdrops near County Offices in Lincoln during one of my lunch breaks, as well as the wind to contend with I made things even harder for myself by shooting wide open at f/1.4 with my Summilux.  Its not quite sharp, a range finder is not the best tool for this kind of work but I love the effect of a wide open Summilux.

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