Medium Format Mirrorless

I have had the joy of using film Hasselblads with film backs and digital backs.  The V series is a great classic camera, better suited for film rather then digital but does work well with my PhaseOne back.

We had the near joint announcement from both Hasselblad and from Fuji of there upcoming medium format mirrorless cameras.  We now have three medium format cameras with cropped sensors designed round ease of use, the Leica S, the Hasselblad and the Fuji.

I have had the opportunity to handle the Leica S and the Fuji but I have not yet managed to try the Hasselblad, but Steve Huff now has one of his reviews published on this camera.  Of the three the Hasselblad and Leica are my top two options but the Fuji is a winner on price.

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