Memory Card sizes

D4 Card SlotsAt first it was rare for memory cards to be bigger then 4 GB.  In fact my Leica says that cards bigger then 4 GB will not work.  I now have a selection of cameras and digital backs from about 2006 to today.  With cameras like the Nikon D800 at 36 MP a 32 or 64 GB card is essential.

So recently I decided to buy some new cards, and went for some 64 GB CF and 64 GB SD cards, but what would they work in?

Well I was quite surprised.  Since V2.0 firmware I knew my Leica would word with the new SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) as I already had some of the new 16 GB SDHC cards, but what about SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity).

Well the old Leica M8 with the latest firmware 2.024 worked fine with the 64 GB SDXC cards.  The 64 GB Compact Flash cards and SDXC both worked fine in the Nikon D800, and the CF cards worked fine in my digital back.  So far so good, everything was working fine, but then I tried my Nikon D200’s, these did not recognise the 64 GB CF cards, which surprised me.  I have a look to see if there is a newer firmware update for them.

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