Metering for Landscapes Part I

In many respects I am quite old fashioned in my photography. I believe in using the right tool for the job.

Though I also believe any camera you have with you can produce a master piece.

When it comes to Landscapes the bigger your film or digital sensor the better, though one should also remember that depth of field reduces as sensor/film size increases.

So while I have taken great Landscape images with my iPhone, I feel my best work has been done with Medium Format or Large Format.

Surprisingly I feel this has less to do with image quality and more to do with thinking more about the shot.

Having to set up my tripod, camera, choose the right back, lens, filters, and then spend time time metering the scene to work out the dynamic range and exposure really focuses the mind and makes one concentrate on a great composition.

I’ll talk about the basics of metering in my next post.

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