Models and Communication

secretaryIf like me you shoot models a lot and frequent many of the common modelling forums you will be well aware of the tales of models complaining about photographers cancelling at the last moment, and also of photographers making same complaint about models.

I have been very lucky and only let down on the day once, and i was able to get another model to fill in at very (two hours) short notice.

This week I had another let down, but this time the model was professional about it and let me know in good time. This enabled me to get another model sorted and switch the dates at the studio so not one ended up being let down and now another shoot with the original model is already planned.

The top shot and the one below is the lovely Jessica Lee who filled in the first time I was let down at only two hours notice.  I have since shot with her a number of times and always enjoyed the shoot and her professionalism.



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