More Nature – Insects, Grebes and Coots

A busy weekend indeed.

First up a trip to Hartsholme on the Saturday morning. Meeting Chris to see how the young baby Coots were getting on.

We found it interesting in the amount of effort the parents were putting into renovating the nest. Possible getting ready for a second brood?

We only spent a couple of hours there, things were pretty quiet but it was good to see how the baby Coots were progressing.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the studio. First doing some portraits and then some product shots. I’ll be processing these over the next couple of days and then passing the initial edits on to the customers. They will make their selections and i’ll then do the final editing of there chosen shots.

Sunday afternoon, we spent walking round Whisby Nature reserve. Caroline was shooting Macro and I was using a long telephoto zoom. Occasionally we would swap bodies when something caught our eyes that needed the others lens.

The bright brilliant blue of a Damsel fly caught my eye, so I took a few shots of those, using the macro lens and macro flash. Once at the lakes we managed to get few reasonable shots of a pair of Tufted Ducks and some Great Crested Grebes. Walking back we spotted several small toads crossing the path, then a family of ducks followed by a rabbit.

All in all a pleasing way to finish a very photogenic weekend.

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