Motorcycle Test Ride – BMW R1200RT

I really should have spent today processing my photographs from our trip to the Outer Hebrides but instead we borrowed a BMW R1200RT motorcycle from our local BMW dealer and spent the day exploring the Lincolnshire backroads.

Our touring is heavily ‘B’ road biased, but we often travel hundreds of miles on major roads to get to our destinations. Currently we have a R1200GS, a bike that cannot be beaten when the going gets tough, gravel roads, unpaved roads, fords; theres not much we have not thrown at it, and its coped amazingly.

A big tourer like the Honda Pan European or the BMW is always something I have aspired to, but while a big tourer can always get you to your destination quickly, in comfort and in style there not aways as much fun at the destination as say an off road bike or a sports bike.

This was always the advantage of the GS, some off road capability, agility and speed to keep up with most sports bikes and glorious fun on any type of road.

RT’s are always highly rated as tourers and I had no doubt that is would deliver when on ‘A’ roads and motorways, but what about the tight and twisty ‘B’ roads.

Lincolnshire has a fine collection of tight and twisty back roads, so today we gave the RT a real test. For its size it handles very well, and does not feel heavy or awkward at low speed. While I would not take one off road, it can certainly handle poor roads and 98% of the types of road we would use it on.

Negatives are few. The one we tried had a touring seat and not the standard seat. While fine for me not suitable for Caroline if she was riding it. Also the large fairing while protective did interfere at first when I tried to put my feet down.

Were not thinking of replacing our GS yet but the RT will certainly go on the short list as a possible future bike.

Now its time to get back to work and carry on processing, editing photos and also sort out some bookings I have for Weddings and Model Portfolio’s.

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