Heading home and Processing the Pictures

The last two days has seen us slowly heading home.  We caught the lunchtime ship, from Tarbet on the Isle of Harris on Saturday, and we had the highlight of seeing Dolphins during the crossing.  As always my wildlife photography was not up to the task and all I have is a blurred fin, disappearing under the wake of the ship, but the memory will remain with me forever.

We spent Saturday night in a small Bed and Breakfast in Ballachulish called Fern Villa, in Glencoe.  The owner is a keen photographer and has many photographers staying with him.

The area is very popular with walkers, climbers and photographers.  I took the opportunity on the way though the previous week to shoot a few Landscapes.  I thought they might work as HDR shots, so bracketed widely.

I heavily processed one, and lightly processed the other, not sure which I prefer, but Caroline hates the heavily processed photo, and I have to admit its got that HDR Look!

Sunday we travelled to the Cumbria and stopped at the delightful Yew Tree Chapel, a most wonderful place to stay and two wonderful hosts.

Today we finally headed home after almost two weeks away photographing Landscapes and Wildlife.

We took the opportunity to head over to Mount Grace Priory a English Heritage property well worth a visit.  The weather was not up to much so just a few reference shots but I will definitely be heading back.

Now that we are home we have the problem of dealing with all the hundreds of images that were taken over the holiday.

For a change I did not take a laptop with me but just our new iPad.  All photographs at the end of each day were imported onto the device and basic metadata and keywords were applied using the great PhotoSmith app.  Now as I type this PhotoSmith is uploading all my work into my Adobe Lightroom Library.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploaded the odd photo from the trip for you to enjoy but now the difficult part of the trip, processing the digital and medium format film photographs from the trip.


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