Motorcycling after a break

BMW R1100S

I keep finding that I am saying to myself, “Its a funny old year”. The context of this has been my lack of motorcycle riding.

It rare that I don’t find myself in the saddle of one of our bikes at some point during the day.

This year has been different, due to ill health at the start of the year I spent a couple of months unable to ride. Last week it was just sheer lack of time. We both took the week off and spent it decorating the house. So the bikes spent the whole week stuck in the garage.

Today was our first day on them again. Once on the open road, I soon noticed I was a little rusty so took it careful as I slowly increased my pace.

This made me wonder this week how people manage, who don’t ride through the winter. In England most motorcyclists only ride for six months of the year. Then each spring we have the usual huge spike in road accidents. If only people could be persuaded to ride either all year round or to take it easy for the first month or so. But I suppose if you only ride six months a year then tootling around for the first month or so could not be tolerated.

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