Motorcycling – the joys and dangers

I enjoy motorcycling far more then driving a car.  Its not that I do not like driving cars, but truly fast and enjoyable cars cost far more then I am willing to pay.  A few thousand pounds will get a motorcycle that can out perform a car costing over a hundred thousand pounds.

Today we had a idiot car driver pull out onto a roundabout without looking, I have had to do a few emergency stops in the last couple of years here, but today as Caroline was turning right someone came straight out without looking.  Caroline managed to avoid being hit by him, but having to serve and brake out of the way dropped the Deauville.

Caroline with more a bruised pride then injured, gave me a call and I went and collected her, and I rode her bike to our local garage.  Luckily apart from a new front fairing the rest of the bike is alright.

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