Naked Bike Blast in the Sun

BMW F650GSLast Tuesday I dropped my GS motorcycle off at the dealers for a service , MOT and new tires.  I was hoping to borrow a F800 while mine was being serviced but the day before someone went and crashed it (oops).  So I had a little naked G650GS, a single cylinder 650cc bike.

The weather was great last week and when the weather is sunny and warm a small naked bike is a lot of fun on the twisty Lincolnshire roads.  I have borrowed one before but the weather was wet and cold and that makes a big difference on a naked bike.

My big R1200GS is pretty comfy whether its hot, cold, dry or wet.  A naked bike is great fun when warm and dry but I don’t think I could own one, to uncomfortable when the weather is less then idea.

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