New Year Jobs – Garden

I really want to get on top of the garden this year.  A couple of months ago we cleared and pruned hard the east border along side the east wing extension of the bungalow.  Which was a good job or the house would never have gotten re-rendered and painted in the week before Christmas.

We need to continue down to the garage and then we can target the west corner.  At the moment this is like a jungle, bushes over 3 meters tall tower over that area, and its going to get seriously cut back as this is the area we are intending housing the bee hives which will get built sometime.


In order to get a bit more organised I checked out the garden handbooks to see what next jobs we need to be ready for.  We did well last year for potatoes, marrows, onions and garlic.  We even grew some elephant garlic which was a great success.

We have already planted the onions so will start planning the next step.  It was extremely satisfying last year to be eating quiche and salad, knowing that the eggs, potatoes and salad all came from our own garden.
Heres to a great gardening 2017.

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