Nikon announce D3200 – 24MP’s of digital goodness

It was not long ago when if you wanted a 24MP camera you had to go medium format.  Then along came the D3X a seriously high resolution full frame digital SLR.

Well today Nikon brought that kind of resolution to the masses, with the new D3200.

Nikon D3200

Have to admit, not sure about 24MP for most casual users.  6MP is the most thats needed for most people but the megapixel race continues.  The D700 and D3(s) models showed you can get amazing results with lower pixel counts, but technology continues forward.

They also announced a new lens, the 28mm f/1.8, and its full frame.  Now to me wide angle for 35mm photography starts at 24mm, so Nikon if your listening can I have a D800 with your 24mm f/1.4 to test, pretty please?

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