Nikon Development Announcement 85mm and 26mm

Nikon started well with their Z series mirrorless lens. The high quality S line trinity of professional zooms. A selection of stunning f/1.8 that out perform the best of the old F mount f/1.4 pro lens. We have had the 50mm f/1.2 for a while and I am a proud owner.

For low light and to eliminate and control the background, fast lens are idea, though can prove difficult to use.

At the moment I am not sure if I will buy it, I want to see what they offer in 105mm and 135mm fast glass. I may go for a fast 105mm or get the 85mm and the 135mm. At the moment the 105mm and 135mm are unannounced so we may be waiting a few years, and the old F mount 105mm was incredibly good.

The 26mm is an odd one.

The 28mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths are liked for street photographers, but Nikon do not have a many small lens. The 35mm and 50mm f/1.8 are still large but stunning. We have the smaller 28mm and 40mm which many people are calling muffing lens but no real pancakes.

This new 26mm looks to be the first real pancake lens of the Z system and I think will prove popular with street photographers.

I know of a number of portrait photographers that also occasionally reach for a wider lens, and with this being so small, could be a handy lens to have tucked into ones bag when sometimes your 35mm prime is not quite wide enough.

As Nikon build out there small lens and the f/1.2 primes I hope we will see a few more wide angles in both these formats. Many would love a fast 24mm, 28mm or 35mm as would many like a 17mm or 20mm small lens.

Its looking like a rosey future for the Nikon Z system.

What lens would you like to see?

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