On line Storage – in the Cloud

Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google, Adobe Creative cloud and of course Apple’s iCloud; not to mention all the other third party smaller solutions.

Currently I have 2.8 Gb of free dropbox, 5 GB free iCloud and 20 GB of Creative Cloud, but none of this is good enough for hosting current projects and keeping my five star images safe on line.

I have started to look again at online solutions as last week I had two disk fails, one hosting a current Wedding photographs I was editing and another hosting my live Master Lightroom library.

Now lucky I lost nothing, I always try and keep at least three backups at home and one off site but I was worried for a while.

Maintaining off site backups is a pain and there generally about a month out of date so I am sure you can see why I have started to look at online ‘cloud’ backups again.

Now usually these things are quite straight forward, if your a Microsoft user and/or MS Office users Microsoft’s OneDrive is the one to go for.  Google is fine if you trust them with your images but they are out to make money out of your by targeted advertising, possibly not for storing a clients images on.

As an Apple user then you may think I would suggest that, well up to this week that would have been a no, they were too expensive but with this weeks price drop they are now only a couple of pounds a year dearer then Dropbox with the new iDriveApp for the iPhone it may become an option but currently for me Dropbox is at the top of my list.

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