One Week to Photoshop World

Photoshop World

Its one week now till Photoshop World and it will be interesting if Adobe let us know whats coming for Lightroom and for the Creative Cloud Photographers Package.

Photoshop World Webcast

Generally Adobe have been excellent at involving photographers in piloting new features and getting feed back, until the recent disaster with the new import module that they rolled out without consultation but quickly removed again.

So looking forward to seeing some new features.  I would love to see preferences like metadata, locations, developer settings etc, sync’ed to the cloud.

So when on a laptop using a temp catalogue you still have all your settings.  Having to update a preset on one computer then either doing again on another or copying (on a Mac) from ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom from one computer to another is a bit of a pain.  I might automate it with a scripts and Dropbox one of these days.

Also allowing multiple catalogues to sync with the cloud instead of just one would also be cool.

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