Panoramic Views

Pano Layers in PhotoshopWith the Ireland trip being for pleasure I can forgo my normal strict photography practice and play around with the photographs a lot more.  After importing them into Lightroom on Monday I looked at the shots that I had specifically intending to work on in Photoshop.

I took photographs to post process using three techniques while away:

  • Focus Bracketing
  • Panoramic
  • HDR

The techniques involved are broadly similar so I thought today I would show you one of the panoramic shots I took.

Now today many cameras do in-camera panoramic’s but these leave you with a jpeg file, what I like is starting with raw files.  To do a really good job you can get a pano head for your tripod but these are all shot handheld.


As you can see I took six shots with a good deal of overlap, all as RAW.  The final shot was just a marker so I new where the set ended.  Its just a shot of the palm of my hand at the maximum shutter speed to make a dark frame.

After a very basic edit in Lightroom all six images were opened as layers in Photoshop using the Lightroom Merge to Panoramic in Photoshop command.  This created image at the very top.


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