Photokina 2014 Rumours

Photokina-2014-logoPhotokina 2014 starts on the 16th September and the rumour mill is starting to get going.  Of course I am particularly interested in the Nikon, Leica and Hasselblad rumours.  We already know that Hasselblad has released a new 50 MP back for the V series and this will be on show.

I am particularly interested in anything mirror less from Nikon or from the MicroFourThirds camp.  It would also be good to see if Fuji have an update for the X100 or their Pro model.

The Leica rumours have been coming thick and fast, from new lens for the T series, a new compact, as well as a new Monochrom and a replacement for Leica ME.  I doubt we will see an updated Monochrom yet I believe people are getting confused with the new chrome coloured model, but a new Leica ME would be interesting.

I have seen a rumour of a Nikon D750 but I am not too sure how that would fit in with the current range.  If it had the D4 focusing and sensor then it would be at the top of my list.

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