Pleased to see you

Garden Chickens Project-15

This bank holiday weekend we had a trip to the beach with Timmy the Greyhound, as Timmy had such a long day out on Saturday, we let the Chickens have the free run of garden on Sunday.

Timmy on the Beach

It was an amusing sight to see four chickens spot me from the bottom of the garden and take off, flying at about 30cm above the floor racing to greet me.

Whether they were that pleased to see me or it was because I often have a handful of corn when I visit them i’ll let the reader decided.

The photo of Timmy is just a quick snap with my iPhone.  Out of interest i decided to make an A4 print and was very surprised and pleased with the quality, there is a good reason why compact sales are falling.  With good print quality and with the data connection most phones have allowing a quick upload to Twitter or Facebook, its now the preferred camera.


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