Portrait Post Production with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Part 3 – Retaining Texture

Back in Part One and Part Two of this series, we processed a RAW image, made some basic adjustments and ended up with the following image.

Then we took it into Photoshop, cleared up the complexion and applied skin softening techniques using the skin blurring techniques.

In this part we will again take the image into Photoshop but this time try our best to retain the original skin texture leaving a more natural look.  This technique requires more effort but for gives better results.

Using photoshop duplicate the layer (Command-J on the Mac), don’t work on the original layer (I am going to keep repeating this, its easier to delete a layer and start again on that stage then to have to start from scratch).

In the above image using the spot healing brush with the mode set to Lighten but with content aware switched on (CS5 not available in previous versions) the major imperfections in the skin have been removed.  Use a small brush, just bigger then the spot your trying to heal and remember to use a soft edged brush.  Dab a away on the darker imperfections gradually removing them.  For the lighter areas and excessive skin shine, the same technique can be employed but set your Mode to Darken.

If your working on an area close to a boundary like an area of skin next to the hair or the dress, it can make the image look worse.  If this happens just undo and switch from the spot healing brush to the healing brush.  Select from an adjacent area (Option-Click on Mac; Alt-Click on Windows), and then click on the area to heal.  For larger areas, then you will need to resort to patch tool, but be careful to prevent reoccurring pattens from forming.

Next we will soften the skin but this time use a more advanced technique to preserve the texture.  See you in Part Four.

Special thanks go to Shelley GiardCorey Barker and Kelby Training, thanks guys, these techniques have been stolen shamelessly from you. Thanks for making me a better photographer.


Want to learn photoshop and learn about these techniques in more detail, then check out the Podcast “The Photoshop Guys” and also the websiteKelby Training, well worth subscribing to.



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