Portrait Post Production with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Part 5 – A review

You have now seen some of the techniques I use in portrait post production.  Which one is best?

Well thats difficult to say,  It really depends on whats needed and whats acceptable.

Above you have the uncorrected RAW, Basic adjustments from Lightroom, Skin Blur and Digital Make-up.  Which one is best i’ll leave to you.

Hope you enjoyed these techniques.  Coming soon, posts on Work Flow and also Sharpness.


Special thanks go to Shelley GiardCorey Barker and Kelby Training, thanks guys, these techniques have been stolen shamelessly from you. Thanks for making me a better photographer.


Want to learn photoshop and learn about these techniques in more detail, then check out the Podcast “The Photoshop Guys” and also the websiteKelby Training, well worth subscribing to.

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