Post Production – Software Lens Correction and Noise Results

Lincoln Cathedral - Leica M8, 24mm Elmar-M f/3.8
Lincoln Cathedral – Leica M8, 24mm Elmar-M f/3.8

So above is the original image which I produced the two prints from.

.Lightroom processing for print-2

Its virtually impossible to see the differences of software correction at this size and even on the two prints it was hard to spot.  The only difference immediately obvious is a slight composition change caused by the corrected verticals. 

Compare - software correction

 It’s in the corners that you can see the most difference. The noise and software correction has lowered the resolution making them look a touch softer. 

I made two A4 prints and I invited a few people to choose which they preferred. 

The score was four to one with one undecided.  The majority all preferred the uncorrected print. For myself I also preferred the uncorrected print. This test is a little unfair as in reality I would usually post process an image in between these two extremes but it has given me much to think about. 

I also recommend that you occasionally print some of your work. We get too fixated on our images on the screen, wanting noise free perfection and viewing the images at 100%, 200% or even 400%.

It’s often only when you get a print in your hand you realize how good your photograph really is. 

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