A few people seem surprised at the amount of work I put into learning about photography and post production, I mean with modern cameras all you need to do is press the button and the camera does the rest.

Well technique and knowledge can make a hugh difference between a technically ok image and a technically perfect image.

As well as developing your knowledge there is also developing your artistic side.  I would rather have a great artistic shot that is technically poor then a poor artistic shot that is technically great.

The last couple of months has seen me studying and practice hard.  My main focus has been Lightroom V4, learning its differences.  The new development engine has seen some major changes and needs a different approach.

Many would question the amount of effort I had put in but when I come back from a studio shoot or a wedding, I have hundreds of images to quickly evaluate, catalogue, keyword, and edit.  Knowing the program inside out may only save a few more seconds here and there on every image but after editing several images its time well worth spent.

If you want to efficiently edit your photographs and give the customer the quality of images they deserve in a fast and responsive manor, lean and fully understand your tools, the time will be well spent.

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