Purchases for the future

With 2016 nearly over I am starting to think about projects and of course purchases for the future.

The big things for 2017 will be a new motorcycle for Caroline, hers is now coming up to 18 years old and can no longer be relied upon.

For me I will be getting a new (or secondhand) Leica M.  I currently have the M8 and want to upgrade to full frame and better high ISO performance.  I would also like live view for when using challenging lens.  As I have previously posted it will either me the new M when Leica announce it or a second hand Type 240.

For the home it will be more of the same and continue with the improvements.  Last year we had new fences, new gates and the house re-rendered where needed and painted.

The new year will see a new shower, getting a new ensuite bathroom planned if not installed and some major redecoration in the kitchen and new flooring.

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