BMW Rallye 2 Pro – Time for a clean and reproof

The BMW Motorrad Rallye 2 Pro is the best textile suit I have had, while it can be a little hot in the summer if it’s raining due to the inner warm lining also being the Goretex layer, it truly is a great all year round suit.

Because the outer layer that gets all the road muck and the inner waterproof layer are separate it does make it easier to wash. In fact the jacket is made up of three pieces, the outer layer which is mildly water resistant and very abrasion resistant. This layer has lots of vents to help keep you cool even in the heat of summer. The middle layer which is very light and holds all the armour which zips into the outer. Then the optional inner lining for extra warmth and is also fleece lined Goretex so 100% waterproof.

With all the heavy use it’s been getting it was time for a full wash.

I stripped out the armoured layer from the jacket and also the Gortex layer from the jacket and trousers.  Then removing the armour from the trousers, a little tricker as its not in a layer like the jacket it was all ready for the wash.

Let’s hope it’s dry by Monday!

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