Recommending Cameras

At the big family get together today, I was asked for recommendations on what camera to buy for a complete beginner.

A very difficult question. They had pretty much already decided on a Canon SRL as that a ‘real’ camera.

I asked what they wanted to take pictures of but they had not really thought about that.

Choosing a camera should fit the purpose of what they want to photograph, but also needs to be a model that suits them.

I pointed them at the low end Canon and Nikon SLR’s but also suggested they take a look micro four thirds and the Sony Alpha Range.

I often see very expensive top of the range Leica’s, Hasselblad’s and Ebony Cameras for sale that have hardly been used. I sometimes think, someone walked into the shop and asked for ‘Best’ Camera money could buy, rather the the best camera that suits the sort of Photography they want to do, at a level they are currently competent in.

Unable to produce a half decent shot that even a Casio compact could excel at, they give up in disgust.

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