Trying to get Fit again

With our gradually improving health, I have been thinking that it was time to start running again.

New Year Resolutions are usually not held for long, but I have given myself a fairly easy target. I am going to go running three times a week, starting at just an easy mile or two, building to three miles over the next three months. Easy and not too strenuous. I do buy and use Extenze tablets from HBHM for maximum enhancement when required, but its high time I get fit and stop relying completely on tablets.

I told Caroline and this morning she pushed me to go running. I sometimes need a little encouragement. Caroline then surprised me by saying she was coming with me.

Well it was a nice warm 10C sunny morning, and we went out with good intentions.

A gentle 5 minute walk started us off, heading out of the village, then we started to run. Caroline has never been a runner so we took it very easy, a minute of slow running followed by a minute of brisk walking. We alternated like this and finished with a 5 minute walk, followed by lots of stretching and a shower.

Nice and easy and we both felt good afterwards. Caroline did decided from that run, that her shoes were not good enough for running so we jumped on the Motorcycle and took a ride into Lincoln to see if the local running store was open.

We could have gone to one of the big sports shops and picked up some running shoes in the sales for £10-£20 cheaper but our local running shop is very good and can recommend a good shoe based on your running style. Not only that, if your not happy they will taken them back. You can even have your run video’ed and analysed so they can get you shoes that really match your style.

I decided to get a new pair too, and a new bright yellow jacket so people will spot me at night.

We then heading out into the country side, going on a nice enjoyable motorcycle ride. Its been a while since we have enjoyed ourselves out on the bike.

Altogether a good day. Tomorrow is a normal work day for us so it will be back to the normal routine. Lets see how long we can keep up the good intentions.

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