Replacing the Nikon V1 -considering more options

Leica C Compact with a Viewfinder
Leica C Compact with a Viewfinder

So last week showed that while generally I could manage with a small high quality compact  with a 28mm or 35mm field of view, there are times when I need more range in a small body.

The Nikon V1 has many issues and Nikon really do not seem to know where they are going with it but my little original V1 with 28mm prime and zooms from 28 to 300mm give me a lot of flexibility.

So this weekend while planning my next studio shoot (which involves water so is rather complex) I also spent some time checking out compacts on the web.

The top two I thought of where the Sony RX10 and the Sony RX100 Mark III.  The RX100 certainly fits the bill on small, and the new Mark III model now has a neat little pop up viewfinder.  Whilst the zoom range does not reach as far as I would like only being 24 to 70mm it really is a fantastic pocket compact that you could always carry with you.

The RX10 has more reach now being 24 to 200mm but I need to handle it and consider the size.  It might be getting a MicroFourThird’s body is a better option and certainly more flexible.

When Monday came I popped into my local camera store the Silver Street London Camera Exchange. I was intrigued by the built in viewfinder of the RX100. Lucky for me they had a mark III in stock as well as a mark II & mark I. Sony, maybe your coming out with new models a little to fast?

For a compact it was very good and with a quick press the EVF popped up then you had to pull the viewing window out and it was read to use. A little fiddley but one of the best, well only (ok there is the Panasonc LF-1 & Leica) EVF on a compact.

Now if your used to high end Sony and Fuji EVF’s this is not as good but it’s the best yet in a compact and the camera is still very pocketable.  The other option to consider is the little Fuji X10 or X20 with its optical viewfinder but smaller sensor.

Still as I keep writing, more choice is good and the options keep growing.

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