Retro Cameras – Nikon Zf

Nikon has a strong history of iconic manual cameras like the original F and F2, the FM and FM2. I own and use a FM2.

Since the world went autofocus, camera design has evolved to what we have today. Cameras like the Nikon Z9 or Canon R3; amazing cameras that can be highly customised so that every function you personally need can be accessed quickly with the camera still at you eye, so you never need miss a shot.

There is a lot of nostalgia for old style cameras, and certainly for Nikon, the F mount Df was their first step back into their retro heritage. It was basically a Nikon D4 in a retro style body and while never hugely popular it was loved by the few that wanted it.

Fuji have really made the traditional dials and retro look popular, I think Nikon had a surprise success with the new Nikon Zfc. You can see a lot of people using them with the new chipped manual focus Voigtländer glass. It makes a great setup for people wanting to go old school. I see photographers using a Z7/8/9 and the best Nikon Z glass for their professional work and a Zfc when having fun.

Its been rumoured now for over a year that with the success of the Zfc which is a Dx crop format sensor, we will see a full frame version.

It’s likely to happen, but Nikon have some tough choices ahead. Will people pay for a real metal body. Performance wise, keep it cheep with a Z5 sensor and focus, or go higher end, Z7 sensor and the new computing power of the Expeed 7 processor.

Each nice to have drives the price higher. A tough one for Nikon, where do they price this?

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