Review – Photography Goals for 2012

Whitby Cross

  1. Shoot 10 portfollio quality images over the year.
  2. Shoot my Red Beach Image thats in my head.
  3. Shoot my Dancer on Beach Image thats in my head.
  4. Shoot at least one picture a month on film.

So how did my 2012 goals go.

Well for portfolio images, 10 is a tough target.

Glass and Green Bottles

But I think I got there, I certainly have lots of stunning shots to choose from, lots of Landscapes and this year I did a lot of street photography.

For 2, and 3, unfortunately I did not get round to getting the shots.  I did manage to find the location and had short listed and tested a model but unfortunately our calendars never matched.  I’ll be testing a few more models in the coming three months with the hope to getting the shots this spring.

Victorian Garden

The film side went well.  I shot a lot film on my Large Format Ebony, and my Medium Format Hasselblad as well as on my Leica M4.

The Garden

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