On the Pool

While I have done a little kayaking in the past I have never sailed before but it is something I have always wanted to try.


This weekend North Hykeham sailing club had a taster session day so this Saturday I visited them and had a go at sailing for the first time.


We were placed either singly or in pairs with an experienced helm.

For the first session I went out in an RS Vision.  I was at the front handling the jib sail, while my instructor handled the main sail and rudder.

The basic manoeuvres of tacking and gybe were demonstrated and after a while we switched positions.

With me in the rear I handled the rudder while my instructor handled both sails, and we practiced the tack and gybe again.  Once I got the hang of that I took over the main sail as well as the rudder.

In total we had three good sessions and I got to try a GP14 and hanging out over the side as you in when people race.

It was a fun if somewhat wet day and I would recommend it to anyone.

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