Scouting for Girls – well locations

No, not scouting for girls but scouting for locations to shoot models.

Had a fun day today, well, the morning was not so fun as we spent it at the gym, but then it was off on our lovely BMW R1200GS to explore the East Coast.

Earlier in the week, I had been using the internet to research possible areas where I could have an outdoor photo shoot.  Now with the best three locations book marked in my Garmin GPS, we went off to check them out.

A good scenic location, parking and privacy were the key attributes I was after.  Holding an outdoor shoot is always problematic, with this being the British Isles, the weather is always trouble.  Any scenic location that has parking generally will have privacy issues, and of course getting permission from the land owners also has to be considered.

A quick portrait or landscape shoot you may risk not getting permission, but with models, extensive camera and lighting equipment its best to plan well ahead and get the permissions you require.

Everything is now just about sorted, I just need to pick a date and finalise which models I am going to use.  I feel a test shoot coming up.

Window Light

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