Seeing the Olympic Torch on the way to Work

The commute to work this morning was a little more challenging due to more closed roads as the Olympic Torch headed out of Lincoln.

As the main road I needed to use was to be closed it made sense to park up by the next village the Torch was due to visit, join in the crowd and experience the event until the road was open, then head into the office.

Once again I took a few shots with my Nikon V1.

I have to admit its not as good or as easy to get a good shot with fast moving subjects, even a runner with an Olympic Torch as an SLR, but for its size it beats just about every other small compact camera.

Its lovely to see the community spirit that has been around over the last few weeks, starting with the Queen’s Jubilee and now with the crowds supporting the Olympic Torch as it travels through our communities, its been great to see the British Spirit pulling together.

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