Shetland Islands – Landscapes

Photoshop TouchIt took a while but we finally arrived and settled into our cottage we had hired for our time up here.  The scenery outside the window was fantastic, wherever you go on the islands the views are fantastic.

In someways it can be a difficult area to photograph.  You need to choose a focal point, dramatic landscapes you see with your eyes and feel in your hearts do not translate well to photographs.

As I have already mentioned in previous blog entries; on this trip I did not take a laptop with me but just the iPad.  The above photography is a bit of a cheat, with the hill behind the stone there is no sign of human habitation, but in the above view there is actually a power cable running across the scene.  I’ll be re-editing this shot in Adobe Photoshop but this version was actually processed on the iPad.  The RAW converted to a jpeg with PhotoRaw and then taken into Photoshop Touch to have the wires removed.

It is incredible what you can accomplish now with these tools.

We visited quite a few of the islands and I found a number of locations that will make fantastic photographs, but I actually only took two large format shots.  Most of the photography was snapshots for future reference using either the iPhone or the Leica M8. The problem was the light.  The weather as you can see above was fantastic; that is fantastic for a holiday not for dramatic photography.  We were closer to the arctic circle then we were to London and the days and nights merged into one.  It was not often dark and the sun too high for great photography.  Still I got a few nice shots and have found some locations that I’ll be revisiting.  I’ll certainly be visiting next time closer to the equinox then to the Summer Solstice.

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