Snowmen, Superbowl and Sleep

Well the snow arrived as promised.  First job on Sunday morning was to clear the drive, with the excess snow we made a couple of snowmen.  Silly I know but fun.

Unfortunately it was foggy so I did not go out and get my landscape shots, but hopefully there will be further opportunities this winter.

As most Americans will be aware, Sunday was also Superbowl night.  Superbowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  I had arranged a free Monday so Sunday night I stayed up and enjoyed the game with a bottle of rather nice Orkney Malt Whisky, a fine 1989 vintage.

I am a Bears fan but was hoping for a Giants win.  It was a great game and will go down in history with the most reluctant touchdown ever scored.

Monday I spent catching up on my sleep.  Now to look forward to the Rugby, with England off to a great start in winning against Scotland on Saturday.

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